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Spring Mist Fabric & Air Freshener is a concentrated deodorizer for air, carpets, drapes, upholstery, and other surfaces. Our fabric and air freshener will neutralize and encapsulate foul odors by eliminating the source of the stench rather than just masking the smell. As a result, our product leaves behind a fresh, clean scent.

For a barely noticeable, pleasant aroma, use a small amount of diluted product. For a more enhanced fragrance, use Spring Mist Fabric & Air Freshener undiluted to make any area or fabric smell fantastic!



  • Add ½ – 1 oz. to 32 oz. spray bottle
  • Fill with water to make a ready-to-use spray deodorizer

STRONG ODORS: use undiluted in a spray bottle


  • Spray area to be deodorized
  • Use sweeping motion being careful not to get mist in eyes or face


  • Spray approximately 10-15 inches from fabric surface
  • Apply evenly; do not over-wet


*A biodegradability statement is available upon request.

If you like Spring Mist Fabric & Air Freshener, browse Our Store to see other items. In addition to odor control products, DeVere offers products to clean virtually anything off almost any surface! Spray Bottles for Spring Mist are also available for purchase. Click here for more information.


Spring Mist Fabric & Air Freshener

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